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Photographer Captures Portraits Of Pit Bulls in Flower Crowns To Help Save the Lives of These “Dangerous” Dogs

New York photographer Sophie Gamand, started the project Pit Bull Flower Power in 2014. She's been traveling around the United States taking pictures of pit bulls in shelters that are in need of adoption. As many are aware, the image of the pit bull has been tarnished by society, labeled as aggressive and hateful. And as a result of such labeling, they often end up abused, abandoned, and end up in shelters for the rest of their lives. 

Sophie's mission is to destroy that negative image of the pit bull but taking beautiful portraits of them in flower crowns. Flower crowns and a soft light to help soften their image and show the world the truth of their beauty and kindness. With each portrait, comes a story about the poor pup in need and she has completely changed their fate.

Thank you, Sophie Gamand!

pit bulls with flowers on their heads
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