finger monkeys


Finger Monkeys Being Their Small And Cute Selves (Photos)

These tiny-tiny monkeys are so small and adorable they barely even look real, but they are. Their scientific name is pygmy marmoset, and they are the smallest monkeys in the world and one of the smallest primates in the world. They're so small, they are literally the size of your finger. Even adult finger monkeys are no longer than 4.6 to 6.2 inches, not including their tails, because their tiny fluffy tails can grow as big and bigger than the full size of their body. 

Mostly, people call them finger monkeys because - you guessed it - they are the size of your finger, but others call them thumb monkeys, pocket monkeys, or even little lions because of the hair around their faces that looks like a mane. These tiny creatures are so insanely adorable, and we of course decided to share that adorableness with you in the hopes of putting at least a tiny smile on your faces

pictures of tiny finger monkeys thumbnail includes two pictures including a finger monkey holding onto someone's finger and another of a finger monkey curled up in someone's hand
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