No Regret: Cat Knocks Over a 2,432 Piece Figurine That His Owner Spent a Week Assembling

Cats can be a great source of entertainment but can also bring great anguish and pain with their hilariously mischievous actions. 

Take this guy, for example.  

Few days ago, this Thai toy seller shared on Facebook his frustrating and funny experience involving his cat and a Doraemon figurine he was working on for seven days for a customer. The customer originally wanted to get it before the new year but in one second, it was all destroyed by his naughty cat: 'Damn Cat! I spent a total of a week, making this. The customer wants the piece before the new year.' The angered guy said in a Facebook post.
The post has gone viral on the social media site with over 70,000 shares and 22,000 comments. 

Most of them can't stop laughing at the man's situation and the kitty's 'totally not sorry' expression.

Just to clear things up- the furious guy wrote at the end of his post "I will kill you!!!" but of course, he didn't mean it. He later posted a photo with his cat and said that all was well with them. After all, how can you stay mad at that innocent face?

cat destroys 2,342 piece figurine | cute ginger cat lying on its back next to a crumbling lego figurine of doraemon
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missbeth says: "Zippy the budgie has a killer instinct."

Godzilla bird feels confident taking down figurine canines now. Next stop: TOKYO.

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