Twenty-Five Most Positive Animal News Stories Of February

It's the end of February, and we're about to end it in the best way possible - by talking about the most positive animal news stories of the month.

February may be a shorter month than most, but that doesn't mean that there was any shortage in positive animal news stories, and that's all that matters to us right now. Because although this month was just as difficult as the last one for some of us, the animal world is thriving, and for animal lovers like us, that is the best new to hear. And because hearing positive animal news makes us happy, at the end of every month, we collect the best ones we can find and give them to you.

So, please enjoy these nothing-but-positivity animal news stories, and let's hope that next month there are just as many if not many many more. 

collection of positive animal news stories about animals thumbnail includes two pictures including a yellow penguin and a fish wearing a life jacket
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