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Tumblr Dives Into European Folklore About Evil Whales (Thread)

Whale, whale, whale, if it isn't another thread viral animal thread... we love those! It all started with a viral tweet from Twitter user Mx. Leah Velleman, in which they brought up the fact that Europeans avoid using the word "bear" in fear of summoning them. Instead, they call them "brown one" or "honey-eater." Pretty interesting right? And we thought we were superstitious!

Turns out, there's an even more wild European theory about evil whales, from Iceland. If this isn't already fascinating to you, we're not quite sure how to help you because, friends, this is about as cool as it gets. Get yourself ready to go deep diving into the depths of the unknown

iceland folklore about evil whales - thumbnail of text "Icelandic folklore requires you avoid saying the names of evil whales, otherwise you'll draw their attention. fidoruh Yall have evil whales?"
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