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Stray Cat In Istanbul Takes Sick Kitten To The ER For Help

There's no love like a mother's love. This brave stray cat lives on the streets of Istanbul and seems to have no fear of humans, so when her kitten got sick -- this incredibly intelligent cat shows up at emergency room asking for help. 

There are only four images of this incredible moment, and according to the post, it mentions the emergency doctors helped by taking them to a vet. 

Love is powerful and a beautiful sight to behold, this mama cat truly loves her kitten. However, it's more than just the love she has for her kitten, it's also the level of trust she has in humans and apparently, the stray cats of Istanbul are mostly this trusting due to Turkey taking such wonderful care of their strays

Scroll down for all the info and stories about this mama cat and her kitten along with how wonderful it is to be a stray in Istanbul: 

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