elephant appreciation day


Memes And Pictures Of Elephants The Gentlest Giants

It's elephant appreciation day, and we've got a huge collection of pictures, memes, videos, and everything in between to celebrate our favorite gentle giant. They may be big, powerful, and really intimidating in the wild, but in pictures, they are unbelievably cute. And they makes for some really funny memes too. 

It's known that elephants never forget, so we must make sure to not forget them too. They are unique creatures in many ways. One cute fact about them is that, though their trunks look huge and may make us think that they'd be somewhat clumsy performing tasks that require a gentler hand, at the end of their trunks, they have a finger-like small appendage that allows them to pick up things as delicate as grass. Cool, right? So, get involved and use this special all-elephant day to learn about them and how to help them. And may you have an elephantastic day!

collection of pictures tweets memes and videos of elephants thumbnail includes two pictures including one of an elephant sitting under a waterfall with its trunk up smiling and another of an elephant touching a man's nose with its trunk 'boop I got your nose'
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