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The non-traditional family trio is caring for three little baby eagles that hatched in a nest along the Mississippi River near Fulton, Illinois. Stewards of the Upper Mississippi River Refuge, set up the webcam in 2011, allowing the world watch the incredible interactions between the three, two males and a female, which is incredibly rare to see as males tend to be territorial. 

The eagles have also been named, the males go by Valor I and Valor II, and the female is named Starr. 

According to the Stewards of the Upper Mississippi Refuge, these birds have quite a back story, as well. The original trio was formed in 2013, when the female then chose a new mate, Valor II, and Valor I decided to stay throughout the breeding season. The original female was killed by another eagle in 2017, yet the two males stayed together and courted a new female after their first mate died. That female was Starr. And Here we are, two years later and three baby eaglets receiving extra love and care from a total of three parents. 

Story by ABC 7