eagle owl

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OK, these owls are obviously telling this man he's been accepted to Hogwarts but no one else seems to realize it. When it comes to owls, the Eurasian eagle-owl is known as Europe's largest owl! 

Vroege Vogels, a Dutch radio and television show about nature was surprised to hear that these large owls have made a home for themselves in one man's apartment window! A Eurasian eagle and her three giant owl chicks! And whenever the man watches television, the owls all watch with them! 

Ah, to be a Dutchman living in an art studio apartment with a family of Eurasian eagle-owls nesting in the planter outside the window. Isn't that the dream? But alas, the city is no place for these majestic owls, the owls were relocated to a near shelter soon after this video was released and have now been released into the wild where they belong. Still, it's a lovely and unusual story that makes us smile.