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Retired Nurse Turns Her Home To a Hospice To Ensure Dying Dogs Will Have The Ending They Deserve

The Grey Muzzle Canine Hospice Project is a heart-warming project of Nicola Harrison, a former volunteer at a kennel who decided to turn her home in Mansfield, UK, to a dog hospice where she provides end of life care for abandoned and terminally-ill dogs who have less than six months to live. This way she ensures dying dogs are living out their final days as happy and loved as possible. In an interview with Metro, Harrison said she makes them each a bucket list, throws them a birthday party, takes them out for steak dinners and more: "We take them down to the local pub – it's really dog-friendly, and they'll get a steak dinner too. Many have not led a very nice life too, used for breeding or guard dogs, so when they've become unwell, they're not useful anymore and left". She also said that she spends up to $500 on each dog to give them the best there is in life for the short amount of time they have left. Here are some of the heart-warming photos we have found on her facebook page. All we can say is that it's truly inspirational and the world needs more people of this kind.  

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