Koi Fish Living In Japan's Drainage Canal Due To Cleanliness

How lovely is that? Imagine your country bing as clean as Japan to the point where you see fish living and swimming in the street drain canal? 

When it comes to cleanliness, Japan is at a whole other level. The Japanese are known to practice cleanliness regardless of location and we're taught to do so at a young age. Children volunteer monthly to pick up litter from the streets surrounding their schools. Neighborhoods even have street-cleaning events! 

If you're a tourist in Japan, you'll notice you cannot find a single garbage can on the streets. Each person is responsible for their trash and carries a plastic bag to fill with their daily trash which they can dispose of at any department store or subway station.

If only the rest of the world to step up and meet at Japan's level. In the meantime, enjoy these videos and images of koi fish living in Japan's drain canals: 

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