dogs wearing glasses


Dapper Doggos Wearing Glasses

You might need to prepare mentally for this next collection of pictures... because you're either going to be incredibly intimidated by doggos who are clearly smarter than all of us, or you're going to get weak in the knees because of all the cute. Dogs in glasses. Yes, they are 100% more intelligent than us. Why would they be wearing these glasses if they weren't? Duh. 

Dapper and absolutely adorkable. Some of them are even smart enough to give you their paw and let you shake their hand when you ask for it. What other proof could you possibly need of their genius? They even figured out how to use toilet paper as a toy. Like- they're basically Einsteins, all of them. And these cats in glasses too. All animals wearing glasses are inherently smarter than any professor. Obviously. Like we even need to explain that.

pictures and tweets of dogs wearing glasses and sunglasses thumbnail includes two pictures including one of a brown dog wearing glasses 'Dog - Daisy keeping a close eye on the school kids' and another of a dog wearing red sunglasses
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