dogs in action


Photographer Captures Mesmerizing Photos of 'Dogs in Action'

If there is one thing dogs love, it's a good game of fetch. A game of catch. And a good game of frisbee. 

When they see you with that ball, stick, or frisbee their world lights up. They get excited and can't wait to run at top speed, leap and catch. And we love watching it. Watching that moment of pure intensity as they leap to catch whatever it was that we threw. But, in a blink of an eye, they are down on the ground and racing towards us to play again, waiting for us to through it again, and us waiting to see them in action. 

Thankfully, we have Photographer Claudio Piccoli who has brilliantly mastered and gifted us with beautiful images of dogs in action

 Piccoli, who is from Italy, stated on his site that he "originally got into dog photography because of {his} passion for dogs first. " 

For more information and beautiful images, Piccoli's work can be found via his Instagram, website and Facebook.

two photos side by side of dogs in mid air catching frisbees taken by italian photographer Claudio Piccoli
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