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Woman Receives Complete Dogsitting PDF Guide For Her Sisters Dog

When twitter user @bewwbie agreed to dogsit her sister's adorable friend, Gus, for the weekend, she didn't expect that. Right before the weekend, she received an email from her sister with an entire guide in a PDF format called "Instructional guide for a day in the life of Gus" with all the do's and dont's, daily routine, Gus's photos, and even a fast fun facts section! People on twitter were amazed by this high maintained dog.        

instructions guide for dogsitting | Weekend with Gus Instructional Guide Day life Gus Bed Time Bed time is between 9-9:30 PM. Tell him go bed, give treat, lock his crate, put blanket over turn all lights out, and leave room. If stay living room, he will cry! Daily Life Gus does best he adheres strict schedule. He can become rambunctious if he gets decide day goes! He needs be taken out every 2 hours typically. He will sit at door ring bells alert Potty time does not mean outside play time.
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