Twitter User Shows Demonic-Looking Wasps Nest Growing On Garage (Tweets)

Yikes! For anyone who's ever had a wasps nest grow on or near their house -- you know how terrifying (and dangerous) that is. For those who don't know, consider yourself lucky. Wasp stings hurt. A lot. 

But, unlike those pesky mosquitos which serve no purpose but to spread disease, at least wasps contribute to the world by controlling pest insect populations. 

And even though they are beneficial to the human population, it's never a good sign to see these terrifying nests growing so close to home. Twitter user, @thegallowboob, had shared a terrifying image of a wasps nest growing around headlights of a garage, giving it a demonic-look whenever the lights are turned on. Other users began sharing the wasps' nest near them, as well as other creepy animals that hang around their house. 

All we can say is... thanks for the nightmares! 

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