Art Student Taught Her Pet Rat To Paint With His Feet

Amalie Markota Andersen has taught her pet rat, Darius, to do something quite extraordinary -- paint! Anderson herself is an animation and digital arts student and told The Insider that it only took Darius roughly 10 minutes to complete a masterpiece.

Darius used his feet to create his work and his painting have gone viral multiple times on Twitter and Tumblr. He's sold about 3 or 4 pieces. 

Unfortunately, the talented Darius passed away earlier in 2019. Anderson says her and Darius had a special bond and we're 100% sure of that.

Darius and his paintings have been going viral on the internet since this past Saturday, when pictures of him and his work were shared by a now-private account. 

Story via The Insider

rat darius art painting
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