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Lion's mane is absolutely beautiful.
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Who's giving this lion a daily blowout? I want to make an appointment stat.

Leon, a Congolese lion at the Labem Zoo in the Czech Republic, is drawing a lot of stares and a little bit of jealousy due to his perfect mane. Not only that, he is known around Europe and has been awarded the best mane in Europe for several years now. If you adore these regal creatures as much as us, then these majestic lions who are also total goofballs will have your spirits soaring. 

The coiffed bit of beauty atop his majestic head has I mean, look at this face:

Leon has been at the zoo since 2005. And, if you believe The Daily Mail, he needs no help to look so fine.

Also, Obvs.

Me irl

One more funny face.