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After the devastating fire that rampaged Australia, The Rescue Collective, a Brisbane-based wildlife charity, described the situation as "a wildlife apocalypse."

Sadly, it is feared that thousands of Koalas have died in the blaze, and others from injures caused by the blaze. 

But the people of Australia are doing their best to save the endangered koalas to the best of their efforts. 

In this video,  you witness cyclists who have stopped in their tracks to give a parched koala some much-needed water. After giving water from seven bottles to the animal, the group cycled home thirsty in 40 degree heat. 

A little bit of kindness goes a long way. We're thankful for those who are doing what they can to help these defenseless creatures and hope it inspires others to do good in their neighborhoods, as well! 

Story via DW News