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Clawsome Sunday Crab Memes

It's the very last day of the week, we're all starting to feel the weight of another week coming on, and we really need something to cheer us up and keep us from getting crabby. Something to really help us walk a straight line, have a clawsome week, reach the goals that we set, and give us strength to keep our shells tough and unbreakable. It's crab meme time.

Crabs make for a very eclectic collection of memes. They can be cute, but they can also be very dangerous. Don't underestimate the ferociousness of a crab. They may tip their hat to you and wish you a clawtastic week, but some days, they may just need to take a breather. That's okay though, so long as it creates funny memes, we're all for it. So, enjoy these crabtastic memes, and we hope you have a clawmazing week.

collection of crab memes thumbnail includes two pictures including a tiny crab with a cowboy hat on lifting its front claws 'Crab - Are you just gonna scroll past me without saying yee-claw' and another crab holding a knife in a threatening way 'Organism - You mess with crabo You get a stabo'
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