cow memes


Amoosing Cow Memes And Tweets

These cow memes are the definition of "moo..d."  

Did you know that cows actually cause more deaths than sharks? Yep. You read that correctly. According to an ABC News report that cited a 2012 study, it was discovered that cattle cause an average of 22 deaths per year! And sharks? They actually only kill about 6 people per year. Makes you feel a little bit different about these adorable fuzzy animals, eh? 

But not too different, we still love them and their giant spots. And because we love them, we wanted to shine a spotlight on these animals and honor them in the form of memes and tweets! If you're feeling that these memes didn't provide you with the satisfaction you need, perhaps you would enjoy some crabby memes instead?

funny and cute memes and tweets all about cows - thumbnail includes two memes one of killing cow and one of fluffy whipped cream cow | chances getting killed by cow are low, but never zero | This is where whipped cream comes anksinatra
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