comedy wildlife awards 2020


2020 Comedy Wildlife Photography Award Finalists

2020 has been one rocky year but luckily, in the world of animals, it's never been better! Since the beginning of the pandemic, it was the Earth and animals that have benefited from the lack of us humans destroying the world. 

And with the yearly competition, Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards, we're further able to celebrate the magic that is animals, majestic or not. The incredible photographers that have been selected for this year's finalists have really delivered some animal gems! The following photos, captured at the moment, are hysterical and show us all that we're not alone when it comes to looking funny when our photos are taken! 

We were able to talk to Michelle, the head of Comedy Wildlife Photography Award's press office, and asked about the process of narrowing down so many wonderful photographs into the top finalists, she had this to say about the process, "... it is a brutal process. We started with over 7000 images - and whittled them down based on: level of humour, quality of photography, ability to get people's attention. It sounds relatively vague the last point, but we want to get our message of conservation across to as many people as possible, and the images must attract their attention!"

Well, these photographs selected definitely capture our attention! 

The winners will be announced on October 22nd, but the following images are all winners in our eyes! Congrats to all the photographers who made it to the finals and thank you for sharing such imagery with us -- we all could use this fantastic pick-me-up! 

finalists of the comedy wildlife photography awards - thumbnail includes two images turtle flipping off photographer and two lions giggling and snickering
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