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Welcoming And Taking Care Of Two Newborn Puppies With Cleft Lips

It's time to welcome two new puppies into the world!!! 

But these two puppies are not regular puppies. The two babies were both born with cleft lips, making them extra special in many different ways. The cuties will have a harder time than most going through their little doggo journeys. Especially now that they are so, so tiny, they will need some extra special love and care. 

Luckily, they found themselves in the hands of an amazing human. Working in a sanctuary and having taken care of at least one dog that we know of with a cleft lip, imgur user thevaiobandit101 knows what to do. The tiny pups will be tube fed for the next few weeks and will be a lot of work, but they are in good hands. 

Good luck to the puppies and to thevaiobandit101, we wish you an easy and amazing life! 

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