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Photos Of Dog And Cheetah Besties At Cincinnati Zoo Are Seriously Too Cute

Cutest best friends ever? We think so! Kris, the cheetah cub, was born July 9th and sadly lost her two siblings due to their mom Neena not being able to produce enough milk to sustain the cubs. 

In fear that Neena might abandon her last cub, caretakers at the Cincinnati Zoo stepped in and brought in a professional leader -- a dog! Blakely, the dog, came into the picture to "serve as a role model" the staff told PEOPLE

However, Blakely was retired and came out of retirement for the sole purpose of raising this cheetah cub. As it turns out though, Blakely was more than ready to get back to that retirement life just after a few months. 

Thus, a new canine stepped up to the plate! Remus, a mixed-breed rescue, is now Kris's newest (and from the looks of it, "best-est") friend! 

Seriously, it doesn't get any cuter than Remus and Kris! The two were photographed sharing toys and playing hide-n-seek!

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