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Stolen Pitbull Returned Home In Time For Christmas

If this isn't the definition of "Christmas Miracle" then don't know what is! Listen up Hollywood, THIS is the kind of movie we would love to see! 

This handsome Pit Bull, named Zeus, was stolen from his family a few months ago by a "supposed" friend.

Chelsea Staley, executive director of Kanawha-Charleston Humane Association, told WOWK 13 News, "Basically robbed her blind stole her wallet, a number of things while she was at work including her dog Zeus…the friend was apprehended in Nitro… and when he was arrested Zeus was still with him."

Thankfully, Zeus was microchipped and ended up at the West Virginia at the Kanawha Charleston Humane Association (which, by the way, is 2,000 miles away from home).

And since Pitbulls aren't allowed on commercial airlines, the group Many Paws Volunteer Transport set up a relay of volunteer drivers to get Zeus home for Christmas.

Fifteen drivers, nine states, four days. Zeus made it home in time for Christmas and the happy tears just keep coming! 

Thank you to all those who helped bring Zeus home! 

Story via WOWKTV

pitbull christmas miracle zeus dog dogs xmas heartwarming aww | dog_rates This is Zeus. He stolen his home Montana few months ago. Last week he found over 2,000 miles away West Virginia. Since many airlines ban pitbulls relay team 30 volunteers drove him all way home time Christmas. 15/10 everyone involved
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