chin rubs


Cats Caught Mid Chin Rub Bliss

There's absolutely nothing that makes us happier than happy cats. Knowing that they're content in their environment, that they're in good hands and enjoying life is the best thing in the world. We just want all cats to be happy, that doesn't feel like too much to ask for. 

Chin rubs are one of those moments that lets us know our cats are truly happy. They don't let just anyone rub their vulnerable adorable chins. That blissed out expression on their faces is the most wholesome thing in the world, and we all need some wholesomeness in our lives right now. So, we collected some pictures of blissed out cats getting chin rubs in the hopes of bringing some smiles and happiness into your weekend. 

pictures and tweets of happy cats getting chin rubs thumbnail includes two pictures including one of a ginger cat getting its chin rubbed and looking into the camera and another of a grey cat with its eyes closed in bliss lifting its chin while getting it rubbed
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