Icon Cher Helps Rescue Kaavan, "World's Loneliest Elephant," From Pakistan Zoo

A happy ending for this beautiful gentle giant.

Kaavan, a 35-year-old and overweight Asian elephant, has spent the majority of his life alone in captivity. Kaavan has spent all those years alone in captivity in a controversial Islamabad Zoo, in Pakistan, where Kaavan suffered from lack of exercise and malformed nails that come from living in inappropriate structures. Back in 2012, after Kaavan partner passed on, he was dubbed the "world's loneliest elephant."

Islamabad's High Court closed the zoo due to its poor conditions that gain public outcry and gave the international animal welfare organization Four Paws permission to take Kaavan and transfer him to a sanctuary where he can live with companions and in peace. 

As of now, Kaavan has arrived in Cambodia, and thanks to the large effort of music icon - Cher. Cher was also there in Cambodia to greet the elephant.

Cher was first made aware of Kaavan and his situation from the people of Twitter, thanks to the Smithsonian Channel producing a documentary on Kaavan's story. Cher told CNN, "I thought, 'how can I fix this? How can I save an elephant who's been shackled to a shed for 17 years and who is a thousand miles away? This is Free The Wild's first big rescue and I am so proud."

Cher campaigned for Kaavan's freedom for many years and just ahead of Kaavan's release, Cher traveled to Pakistan and serenaded Kaavan with Disney's classic, "A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes." This past Friday. Cher tweeted her thanks to the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan, writing, "Just came from meeting to thank Prime Minister Imran Kahn for making it possible for me to take Kaavan to Cambodia."

Thank you, Cher, Four Paws, and all those involved for making Kaavan's dream come true! Our hearts are overjoyed at the happy news! We wish you a lifetime of happiness, Kaavan! 

kaavan the world's loneliest elephant is now at a sanctuary in cambodia | singer Cher in sunglasses and a face mask holding up a sign that reads "CHER KAAVAN"
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