Artist Re-imagines Doggos In Historical And Fantasy Roles As Centaurs

No one ever expects the Dachshund Inquisition!

Artist Nikita Orlov has re-imaged our favorite dog breeds into roles of the past and of fantasy. But the imagination doesn't just stop there, there's an added twist -- Centaurs. 

If you're an avid D&D player, these characters will definitely spark that imagination! If not, these are still pretty darn cool to look at and enjoy!

You can follow Orlov's art on Instagram

dogs centaurs fantasy art artist breed animals cool interesting wow | dachshund inquisitor a dog centaur dressed like a Spanish inquisitor in a red cape and hat, belt made of skulls and holding a torch and a paper scroll. chow chow innkeeper dog centaur with a big fluffy head dressed in an apron and holding a beer mug in one hand and carrying a keg in the other
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