cats making circles


Cats Making Purrfect Circles

Time for your daily dose of cuteness! This time, we're showcasing adorable fluffy creatures (cats) turning themselves into perfect fluffy balls (circle cats). I mean, we all know that cats are flexible, and we have seen them lie in truly strange positions and places over time. 

Cats generally love circles, we know that for sure. But they have the most unique ability to turn themselves in a perfect circle - head right up to the butt. And it's adorable. Come on, you can't tell me you've never cooed and immediately snapped a picture when your cat did the turning into a ball thing. And some animals are so round they just... are balls

pictures and tweets of cats making perfect circles thumbnail includes two pictures including a white cat against a green background making a perfect circle and another of a ginger cat and kitten hugging and making a perfect circle
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