cats drinking from straws


Aawdorable Cats And Kittens Drinking From Straws

Let's not lie to ourselves, we are aware that if we leave a glass of water on the table, our cat might just drink from it. It's a true moment of contemplation, standing over that glass with our eyes squinted and thinking "is there cat spit in that?" and "do I care?" The real question is: how far are cats willing to go to get to that drink they're not supposed to touch? 

They do have a tendency to go where they shouldn't. And apparently, even a lid can't stop them. Because if that lid has a hole in it in which there is a straw... they'll get to it. Some of these kitties seem a little confused by the mechanism of the straw, but that doesn't stop them. Eventually, our smart little felines figure it out.

pictures of cats drinking from straws thumbnail includes two pictures including a white cat drinking juice from a straw and another of a black kitten drinking iced coffee from a straw | Cowhead Lite PURE MILK LOW FAT HIGH CALCIUM
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