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Purrrely Funny Russian Cat Memes Translated To English


The great and funny world of Tumblr. Oh the gems, one might find. Like for instance... cat suggestions by cats, or... funny dogs, or just plain old funny tumblrs! 

Either way, we came across a good one. Hilarious memes, in Russian...translated to English! Just imagine the google translation on that one! Well, actually no need to imagine, we've rounded up quite a few for you to laugh at! 

A funny thumbnail for a list of cat tumblr posts written in Russian but then translated to english making them very funny, the cover photo shows a cat with a sticker on it and it's looking at a kiwi with the same sticker and they basically look the same | setheverman: markv5 Russian English cat is little kiwi Kogda tvoy kot nemnogo kivi.
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