cat sticking out tongues


Cats Purrfecting The Bleeping Blep (30 Photos)

Bleps. That special moment when you're cat is caught off guard and a teeny tiny (literally itty bitty) piece if their tongue is shown. 

To them it's nothing, to's everything. 

Why? Because it's crazy cute! And luckily because it's so cute, there is a subreddit devoted to just that. Bleps. No joke, it's even called r/bleps/

But let's be totally honest. Everything cats do is just crazy cute, and yes even when they very nonchalantly show off their "murder mittens"

Well, enough talk, time for some cuteness! 

cute and funny adorable pics of cat blep blepping tongue sticking out derp lol | void with smöl smol blep black kitten | One-eyed blep cat winking closing on eye
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