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Tippity-Toe Taps With Fresh Cat Snaps

We're almost there, folks! One more day until Thursday and we need to celebrate making it this far and one of our favorite ways of celebrating is in the form of fresh cat snaps! 

This week's cat snaps are full of holiday cheer, full of silliness, and of course, full of cuteness galore. Our hearts are bursting at the sight of so many lovely cats doing their own adorable thing. Where would we be without these little furbabies in our lives? Actually, don't answer that, we don't want to know and we don't even want to think of a world such as that! 

Get yourself a nice hot cup of tea and enjoy some cat goodness on us! And if this meal doesn't satisfy you, there are last week's leftovers that are still pretty tasty! 

fresh cat snapchats - thumbnail of two cat snap images - one of a cat with one eye open "thought she was asleep when i took this, I was wrong." and cats gathered around a heater "winter delight"
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