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The New Christmas Cat Houses By Target Are Purr-Fect

Get Your Cat Into The Christmas Spirit!

Whether your kitten's been nice all year or falls in the category of "naughty but too cute for you to care," you're probably looking for something to gift your pet for the holidays. Or you're looking for something to keep them from tearing every ornament off your tree. Either way, Target's new holiday cat houses, featuring festive designs, will give your furry friend something to enjoy.

Last year, Target's holiday collection had Santa's Toy Shop- and Hot Cocoa Café-themed cat scratchers, but this year you can get your furry best friend a Ski Chalet Cat Scratcher and RV Cat Scratcher. The ski chalet one has two floors, so your kitty can either curl up in the house part (complete with windows) or jump up to laze at the top. The red-and-green cat scratcher is covered in designs, including wreaths, skis, snowflakes, and a chimney. The RV is single-leveled and features red, green, and white colors, along with colorful lights around the top.

The holiday cat scratchers will be available in Target stores by Nov. 3. but both are available online now, so you can get them shipped to your house well before Christmas.

Christmas season means that the end of the year is also right around the corner. This time it's the end of a decade so why don't you vote for your favorite cat meme of the decade

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