butter dog


New Meme Sensation 'Butter Dog' Is Born

We don't know why certain memes take off and we certainly don't fit it either, especially if it involves an animal. It is our duty to not only deliver you major cuteness but to deliver the newest animal memes, and "Butter dog" is the newest animal meme currently going viral. 

What is 'Butter Dog,' you may be asking. It's a good question and thankfully we have Know Your Meme to rely on. 'Butter Dog' is the nickname given to a dog in a now-viral video. The video showcases the dog with an individual pack of butter on top of its head. Then the dog is seen thrashing around while the user recording says, "Dog with the butter on him, dog with the butter." It originated from a video posted by iFunny and quickly went viral on TikTok, and other platforms. It has seen become the subject of wholesome memes in the following weeks. 

We don't know much about 'Butter Dog' but we do know that we can trust him and that he has already won our hearts. Users from various platforms have also drawn fanart of 'Butter Dog' which is simply delightful. 

new meme sensation called 'butter dog' is born - thumbnail of dog with butter on its head and a tweet of toast cat and butter dog | Hades o000 Spooky @ltzHadesX perfect combination. Butter Dog. Toast Cat.
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