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Priceless Indoor Cat Reactions Of Going Outside For The First Time

Some cats were meant for the great outdoors. Some... not so much. And then there is that moment. That moment where they get their first wiff of nature. 

2 things either happen. 1. you cat is mesmerized and NEEDS to now see and know everything there is to know about outside... 2. completely terrified and will only look beyond from a window in the comfort of their nice and cozy home. 

But we have to admit, there is something quite special about seeing little adorable reactions from cats, seeing the outside world for the first time. From those big big eyes (you know what we are talking about) to those hicked up senses where the ears are listening so intensely and they are ready... for anything!

a funny photo of a kitten sitting on her owners foot and not touching the grass- cover for a list of funny cat and kitten reactions to the outside world
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