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Cats Tune Into Their Favorite Show (Comics)

Cats can stare at everything and nothing for endless amounts of time. They will simply stare off in a direction that has no movement, which often leaves us wondering what sort of ghosts lay within our walls. Cats will either stare at nothing or something they're intrigued by, like insects, birds, and reptiles. They will sit there and chirp away at these unusual creatures that have invaded their space. 

All this excitement of seeing a creature within reach is quite an entertaining source, not just for us, but for the cats, too. In fact, one might say it could be their version of whatever hit show is currently running. 

In collaboration with popular Israeli artist, Ilana Zeffren, we find out what sort of show cats would be tuning into on a daily basis, and their commentary during the live show. 

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cats tune into their favorite show - watching lizards - thumbnail is the first two panels of the comic | OMG, Jane has caught an itsy bitsy fly think Liz is jealous
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