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New Study Reveals Cats Are More Satisfied After One Big Meal

A new study from animal nutrition specialists at the University of Guelph, in Ontario, Canada, have discovered something quite interesting. Turns out, giving your cat one big meal is more satisfying to them than providing them with a few small meals throughout the day. 

Weird, right? That's exactly the opposite of what's been told to us. Yet, out of eight indoor cats, who over the course of 21 days were fed once daily and then fed four times daily, the cats who ate just the one, big meal a day had a higher level of three appetites-regulating hormones. The researchers claim they were more satisfied and not only more full but also burning their fat stores and even had more protein to help build some muscle. 

Story via Daily Mail

new study reveals that cats are more satisfied after one large meal instead of multiple smaller ones - thumbnail of cats eating
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