Big Bad Wolf


Big Bad Wolves Being Their Affectionate Goofball Selves

Wolves are dangerous, yes, we know. But we're animal lovers, so we know better than to fall for the stereotype of the big bad wolf. Wolves may be dangerous, but so are adorable big wild cats, and we think they're cute too. Amazingly, the big bad wolf is incredibly affectionate, and in general, wolves are the biggest goofballs ever

Wolves are basically overgrown doggos, so it totally makes sense that we love them so much. We can only hope to one day meet a wolf friendly enough who will actually give us permission to pet its belly. That would be a total dream come true. 

pictures of wolves being affectionate and goofy | thumbnail includes two pictures including two white wolves touching noses and another of a wolf placing its head on a smiling wolf
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