Second Chances: Story Of BenBen The Saddest Cat At The Shelter

We're not crying... we're not crying...

Meet BenBen, the saddest looking orange tabby we've ever seen! Poor BenBen completely gave up hope on finding a forever home and it nearly took his life... thankfully, kind souls were able to look at BenBen's sweet face and realize he had so much love to offer, and so much life to him. 

This is BenBen's story. And yes, you caught us, we we're crying... and you will be, too. Don't worry too much though, a lot of happy tears were involved. 

This story may be on the older side, but it's definitely one that strikes the heart. And now you can follow BenBen on Instagram and see how far he's come!

We love you, BenBen! 

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