Cat Brings Home Adorable Stray Kitten

Klarieke, a cat owner from Greece, has three adult cats: Jack, Louis, and Stavros. She and her family adopted Stavros just one year ago, Klarieke tells Love Meow, "Stavros lived on the streets and was very ill. He was rescued by a Dutch girl who stays in Zakynthos every summer. She was looking for a home (for the cat) in Holland, so we decided to adopt him." 

"My husband and I said to each other, 'this is the last cat, three is enough," she added. 

That is until Stavros befriended a stray kitten and brought that kitten home. 

Story via Love Meow

story of a cat who took in a stray kitten under his wing, into his home and heart - thumbnail of cat and the stray kitten he befriended | cat peeking out from a flower pot and two cats sitting side by side
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