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Woman Discovers Her Lost Dog On Florida Brewery Beer Can

There's been a few brewery's lately that have started to put faces of adoptable dogs on them, to spread awareness and in hopes to place that pup in a forever home. 

A wonderful initiative that has reunited Monica Mathis, from Minnesota, and her lost dog of 3 years, Hazel!

Monica Mathis, first noticed her dogs picture on a beer can from Motorworks Brewing, in Manatee County.The dog on the beer can was called 'Day Day,' and she had been at the Shelter Manatee in Iowa. 

How she got to Iowa from Minnesota is still unknown. 

"I saw one of the dogs on there and I was like 'oh my gosh, that looks like my dog. I searched for her, I called shelters and couldn't find her at all and eventually I moved back to Minnesota," Mathis told ABC Action News

"She looked in the article and saw our name and she called us right away," said Hans Wohlgefahrt, with Manatee County Animal Services.

Upon checking Day Day, they discovered she did have a microchip with Monica's first name attached to it, but her last name has since changed and the information attached to the chip was outdated. Luckily, Mathis had the paperwork needed to prove that Day Day was in fact Hazel. 

The shelter said that even the likelihood of Day Day (Hazel) being one of the four chosen to appear on the can, was unlikely. 

"For her to be on that can was amazing, and for it to go viral and of course for her family to see it in Minnesota," said Pam Frensi with Shelter Manatee.

"The chance to be able to have her come home is amazing. I'm just so happy that I'm getting her back," said Mathis.

Manatee County Animal Shelter is now working on getting Hazel back to Minnesota, and to Mathis, sometime next week! 

We love a happy ending! So happy for Hazel and Monica Mathis! 

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