Woman Gives Her Dog A Haircut, Instantly Regrets It

Susana Soares decided to give her dog, Mano, a much-needed haircut after noticing his hair was getting into his eyes. It's been a hot minute since Mano has been to the groomers, and Soares has actually worked as a hairstylist (for humans) in the past. 

So how hard would it be to trim a dog? So, Soares grabbed a pair of scissors and went to work! And as it would turn out, the result was not as expected. 

Soares managed to get the hair out of Mano's eyes by giving him bangs. And not just bangs, but bangs you see on children who decide to cut their hair themselves, with no mirror. 

Soares told The Dodo, "I fell on the floor laughing." As hilarious as the new-do is, Soares says she won't be giving Mano any more haircuts. 

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