bad days


Pets Who Are Having A No-Good-Rotten Day

Turns out, even our pets can have bad days, too. And here we are just constantly thinking about ourselves and our own problems. We can vent to whomever we feel like but who do our pets vent to? Poor furbabies. We oughta take a moment and ask them just how THEIR year is going! With us constantly in their space, in their homes, it can't be easy for them.

We hope you know that we hear you and understand! Everyone has bad days, pets included. You can let out your anger and frustration on us, we'll continue to love you unconditionally. 

cute animals who have had a bad day - thumbnail of cat covered in snow and a cat with burnt whiskers | This is my cat after trying to run out the door..... Into a wall of snow | When you love the smell of bacon but get a little too close to the frying pan on the stove
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