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Couple Captures A Possum Hitching A Ride On Their Puli Dog

Well, there's something you don't see every day! Sally and Jon Watkinson, from Melbourne, Australia, found a baby possum nested in their Puli dog's fur, after going out on a walk. The possum decided to hitch a lift on her dog's back, for unknown reasons, but it sure makes a bizarre and funny story to tell! 

In their viral Facebook post, they mentioned that their dog barely noticed the possum was there. It was totally cool, calm and collected and wasn't barking frantically or showing any other signs of annoyance.

Yet the strangest part of this story has yet to come... The couple went to the vet with their dog and possum attached and got that taken care of...but the exact same thing happened again the very next day! A new baby possum attached to their dog's back, and they wrote that the sight, "almost made the vet nurse fall off her chair." 

Pretty strange, huh?

The only difference was that the newest baby possum was a baby male and not a female like the one the day before. 

puli dog baby possum
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