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After Six Years Of Trying, Pelican Couple Welcomes Baby

This is so incredibly sweet!

Mr. Pelican was first found on Chambers Island in Maroochydore, Queensland, constantly getting in trouble. He would get entangled in fishing lines, and would constantly need help. As Twinnies Pelican and Seabird Rescue, in Australia, continued to come to aid him, one day that came to find him missing a wing due to a severe injury, and was taken into Twinnies Sanctuary. 

Since then, Mr. Pelican has found a partner and has been trying to have a baby. For six years, Mr. Pelican and his partner have been trying, they would dutifully watch and sit on their eggs, share the incubation period together, and no egg would ever hatch. 

Until now. This past September, when a caretaker at Twinnies placed a fellow pelican's egg within Mr. Pelican's nest, and it hatched. 

Twinnies stated on their Facebook page, "Mr. Percival has never given up trying to have a baby pelican chick. We felt so sorry for him as it's so sad when he's seen the others around him seeing baby pelicans. So we did this amazing thing for him as we wanted to make him really happy this time." 

Story via the dodo

story of a pelican couple who tried to have a baby for years and now have a baby pelican - thumbnail of two pelicans in love and happy
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