baby chicks


Baby Chicks Donning Bonnets And Hats

It should be illegal to be this adorable.

We happened to scroll upon one of the cutest tweets we've ever seen. Twitter user, @plumbpop, shared her handmade bonnets for her baby chicks! 

We had an immediate "awww" reaction and needed to see more baby chicks wearing tiny bonnets and hats! And while we were searching for that, looking to satisfy our craving, we came across Julie Persons of Etsy. Julie Persons specializes in tiny bonnets and hat made for baby chicks! Talk about hitting the jackpot! 

Julie Persons' Etsy shop "Chicks in Hats" is everything you could want and more. Check out the cutest chicks rocking the cutest hats!

baby chicks bonnets hats aww adorable cute animals cuteness pics etsy | snufkin @plumbpop Here they are with their bonnets little birds baby chickens wearing little scarves
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