baby beavers


Small And Round Baby Beavers (13 Pics + 2 Vids)

Let's take a moment to appreciate the small and very round beavers of the world! 

Did you know that a beaver's front two teeth never stop growing? The way they keep is shortened is by their constant gnawing on wood! They're also an animal that works together as a team to protect against predators. Beavers often create dams made of wood and mud to help protect them. And when it comes to beaver dams, it seems they have worked out some logistics. 

Usually, within a dam, there are two dens created, one is for drying off when you first exit the water and enter the den. And the second den is where beavers and their family live. Who knew these animals were such architectural engineers? Color us impressed! 

Oh, plus, they're really, really cute. 

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