Pups Awoo'ing To Boost Serotonin

Be sure to have your sound on to fully experience this awwdorably magical moment - a pup's awoo! What is an 'awoo' you might be asking, and good question! An 'awoo' is a replacement for the word howling, the 'awoo' is the sound of a howl and therefore has been more commonly used to describe a dog's howling instead of simply saying, "Check out those wolves howling!"

Awoo's are simply the cutest, and watching a pup really get into an awoo is too much cute for us simpletons to handle. The awoo's are all different and we're head over heels in love with them all. Truly, we have no favorite when it comes to a pup's awoo. Get ready to feel all that warmth fluff instead of you because this is guaranteed to bring up those serotonin levels! 

vids of dogs awooing their hearts out - thumbnail includes two images of dogs awooing | This is Marley. When he older he wants to be a fire truck siren. I think he doing well so far
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