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Tweets And Memes All About Art Crafts In 2020 (Pets Edition)

2020 will forever be known as the year of the crafties. Seriously, even those who don't craft turned to crafting at some point in 2020. Whether that craft be painting, knitting, or baking bread (yes, baking is a craft), 2020 was the year that all human beings became so boring with existence that we turned to anything we could to make us feel again. 

And crafts really did come through for us in 2020, it gave us a feeling of accomplishment which we all needed. And there's no crafting include that doesn't include animals wreaking havoc, or crafts, especially for animals. And if you did do crafts that didn't include animals... well, let's just say it didn't make our list. 

We know that with the New Year comes new expectations but try to keep the crafties alive! 

2020 arts and crafts featuring animals - thumbnail includes two images of tweets of cats | Ella @missellacronin M started knitting my first ever jumper but might just stop here because 's perfect sized cat blanket | Debs @debstergr Knitting's going well
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Another DIY video? Yes, PLEASE! 

This time we're going to tackle that one thing cats absolutely love to do. (No it's not yell at us at 5 am for their breakfast)

SCRATCH. Cats love to scratch. The couch, the door, the carpet, chairs you name it, they'll scratch it! That's why we've taken their favorite item, yes a cardboard box, and turned it into a fun and cool Camera-Shaped scratching post for them to use! 

Just a few items and easy peasy instructions and you'll be camera-ready in no time! 

And in case you missed our other easy tutorials like baking yummy tuna cookies/ catnip cookies or even a fun window seat, a throne fit for their royal highnesses, oh let's not forget the fun tv set they can relax in and cathouse they can sleep in