The Catcade In Chicago Is The Coolest Cafe/Arcade We've Ever Seen!

Welcome to Chicago's Catcade! The Catcade, according to their Instagram is, "45% cat cafe. 45% cat rescue. 5% arcade. 3% cat hair. 2% black t-shirts. 100% non-profit = 200% the best hour in Chicago. Cats > math." And 100% pawesome. The Catcade is the coolest arcade around because it is an "arcade-themed" cat rescue, and lounge. Creators of the Catcade, Christopher Gutierrez and Shelly Casey, orchestrated an environment where the cats can roam-free and interact with humans, instead of being locked up in cages. We simulate a home environment where instead of being in cages, the cats get to interact with friendly humans in a free-roam living room atmosphere. 

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